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  • Cassandra Gaub

    Empowerment + Transformation Coach | EFT Tapping Practitioner | TAPPING WORKS Vice President

    I am passionate about helping people step into their power. As a Certified Coach, Founder of Best U Institute and sought-after speaker, I cut through the “B.S.” and help people achieve their goals, dreams and desires.

    Part inspiration, part motivational throat punch, I am your go-to Coach if you are ready to stop your self-limiting beliefs and level up your life. People say my energy is infectious, uplifting and authentic.  I am a “do-er” and I love bringing out the “do-er” in everyone around me!

    I am a long-time EFT Tapping Practitioner and use Tapping, among many other tools, to get people where they want to be. You can step beyond your fears into a life that is truly exciting. And I can help you get there.