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  • Melissa Lester, LCSW

    Women’s Therapist & Counselor | EFT Tapping Trainer, EFTi (NQT) | ACEP GA State Representative | TAPPING WORKS Founder

    Like so many of us, it took me years and years to find what felt like my own path in this life. It was 1996. Back to school. A move to Atlanta. A second career. Since then, my evolving life and therapy practice have led me through many phases of discovery, growth and loss. And, along the way, comes the inevitable reshaping of…everything.

    In 2013 I re-discovered EFT, dove in head first, eventually becoming an EFT Tapping Trainer for EFT International. EFT Tapping dramatically transformed my therapy work with clients. Whether we are resolving trauma, eliminating physical pain, averting panic attacks or unpacking that procrastination problem, here’s what I want you to know: TAPPING WORKS.

    Our goal at TAPPING WORKS is to share EFT with the widest and most diverse audience possible. Because everyone deserves to feel better. Everyone deserves to do better.